With the ever-increasing frequency of cyber-attacks across all sectors, next-generation avionics architectures require the ability to adapt and evolve their security posture to keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape. The ability to rapidly detect and prevent attacks while adapting security policy in real-time as new threats come online will be critical to maintaining system confidentiality, functionality, and availability. Technica, in partnership with Vanderbilt University, proposes a framework called the Malware Evolution Engine. This cyber resilience solution consists of two modules, a Binary Lifting Engine, and a Mutation Engine.

Malicious software often employs a variety of methods to increase analysis time. Unfortunately, such stealthy malware is typically produced by a small set of human-written transformations, making it difficult to analyze by conventional means and for defenders to reconstruct. Technica’s Malware Mutation Solution captures the approaches that the user seeks to have when evolving a new and more robust malware sample. This ability to predict future malware can help augment future defensive techniques.

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Graphhunt Paper

To learn more about how Technica’s GraphHunt works read our solution brief here.

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