To our people, every challenge you face is a puzzle.
And every project is an opportunity.

Because at our core, we’re problem-solvers, and limit-pushers – we’re always asking “how,” and “why,” then looking at problems from every angle until we have an answer. And, we’re proud to focus that creative energy on partnering with our government clients to help them overcome their toughest IT challenges.

Our passion for technology, innovation, and the engineering methodology comes through in every engagement, from ensuring that we have a keen understanding of every clients’ specific needs to supporting their missions with custom-configured solutions.

It comes together to form a team and a culture dedicated to delivering innovative IT solutions to our customers.

Team of Computer Engineers Lean on the Desk and Choose Printed Circuit Boards to Work with, Computer Shows Programming in Progress. In The Background Technologically Advanced Scientific Research Center.

We Ask. We Explore. We Build. All to Solve Your Challenges.

A culture of creativity. A passion for technology. That’s what we’re about.

Our people are our most valued asset.

So, we do whatever it takes to attract, encourage, and keep the kind of people who share our passion.

People who won’t stop working the problem until it’s solved.

People who don’t just think outside the box, but reinvent it – from project management and accountants to engineers and executives.

Technica people.

Our mission is to support yours. And your success is our success.

That culture is critical to maintain, because without exceptional, highly-motivated staff we’d be in no position to tackle those tough challenges.

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Meet our team of engineering-focused innovators.

Technica's Values

INTEGRITY - We will keep our word and be truthful in our interactions with customers, suppliers and employees.

GROWTH - We continuously seek ways to develop and improve ourselves, both as a company and as individual employees.

HARMONY - We foster a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere within our company and in our dealings with others.

SUCCESS - We exhibit the will and determination to succeed in every aspect of our work.

INNOVATION - We have a strong desire and ability to venture into new, breakthrough areas of technology and opportunity.

Military Family and Flag

Never Stop Serving.
Stow Your Uniform Not Your Career.

Your talent, integrity, experience, and commitment to the safety of our country make you a perfect fit at Technica.

Looking to push your limits?

Learn about career opportunities and put your problem solving mind to work for our clients.

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