Innovation in Action.

Technica was founded on engineering methodology, by engineers who took their passion for researching new technology tackling tough challenges, and built a Veteran-owned company where Information Technology business professionals and engineers could come together and build solutions that make a difference.

What began in 1991 with professional services and products for national and global commercial telecommunications carriers evolved into today’s Technica Corporation, which supports the Federal Government and their mission to support, to defend and protect America's citizens.

Soldier in glasses of virtual reality. The concept of the future.

“Technica isn't just built on innovation, it's driven by it. Since day one, we've held a deep commitment to creative problem-solving and agile adaptation, unlocking revolutionary solutions that empower our valued customers.”

- Miguel Collado

  CEO, CTO and President

Technica was built to provide innovative technology and integrated solutions tailored to our customers-specific needs and challenges, and that remains our vision today. Our mission is to partner with our clients to become trusted advisors. We say what we’ll do, do what we say, and are proud to help those who help millions of citizens. And no matter the environment or challenge, if we can’t find a way, we’ll make one.

Because that’s what engineers do.

Our People. Our Culture.

From the top down, our people are the type that change the world with a bit of code, ability to think outside the box and determination to succeed. At Technica, tackling your toughest challenges isn't just an engineering mindset; it’s an environment of innovation and culture of creative problem solving.

Group of people watching stereoscopic images.

Challenges Embraced. Solutions Delivered

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