Your challenges are unique. So are our solutions.

For us, it’s not just about engineering and expertise. It’s our creativity and innovation that enable us to deliver what no one else can. In our engineering (IR&D) lab, we break down every challenge to apply the smartest possible solution – and if that solution doesn’t exist, we’ll build one. And, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of trending and cutting-edge technology so we can move at the speed of inspiration.

Innovative Engineering

Innovation requires investment and Technica devotes significant resources to support our own Independent Research and Development Lab, providing technical vision three or more years into the future. We are dedicated to pragmatic and holistic approaches to problem solving that are nimble enough to respond to ever-changing client needs.

IRA Icons_2_AI-ML-DL

AI, Machine Learning,
Deep Learning

Technica has developed and used a variety of machine learning algorithms—including deep learning/neural networks—on a spectrum of computing platforms to perform complex tasks like image recognition, anomaly detection, and time-series analysis. Probably no other technology will have a bigger impact on IT than AI in the next decade.

Big data analytics

Big Data Analytics

Technica employs next-generation architectures and methods to derive meaning and value from massive datasets. Our solutions incorporate vendor and open source products and Technica developed IP for best-of-breed analytic insight. Utilize next-generation methods to derive meaning from datasets that are too large for traditional SQL databases.

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Software Defined Networking

Technica brings the power of Network Services Orchestration (NSO) to support dynamic interconnectivity and communication require-ments on top of a complex and continuously evolving network infrastructure, catalyzing cyber defense and resilience without sacrificing operational performance. The next-generation data center will be controlled by software, not the manual configuration of physical hardware.

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Technica has developed in-depth knowledge of cyber defense from operating some of the Federal Government’s largest networks. By combining the power of AI and deep learning in innovative cyber solutions, we stay on the forefront of the battle for cyber supremacy. Next-generation cybersecurity must integrate a defense-in-depth approach lever-aging the power of AI and incorporating the cloud.

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Distributed Ledger

Our Blockchain offering, based on Hyperledger Fabric, facilitates proof of concepts to discover how the transformative concept of distributed ledger and smart contracts can be applied within your organization. This concept and associated technologies is revolutionizing how data is shared in dynamic organizations.

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Internet of Things

Technica’s expertise in Edge and Fog computing helps propel advanced IoT architectures that support faster, more effective solutions for security, data analytics, and AI in compromised or discon-nected environments, enabling near or real time use of information to make informed decisions at the edge. Data and insights generated from IoT will impact vast swaths of enterprise computing.


NextGen Cloud

Technica has the knowledge and ability to integrate public, private and hybrid cloud models to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our cloud automation solutions provide agility, scalability, capex reduction, and faster time-to-market.


High Performance Computing/GPU Acceleration

Technica’s expert GPU programmers bring the power of GPU-acceleration to your solutions. We capitalize on the benefits of parallel processing where appropriate to dramatically improve total application performance and increase solution affordability and scalability. The parallel programming capabilities offered by GPUs is a game-changer, especially in the AI and Big Data analytics arenas.

Professional Services

We continuously evaluate emerging technologies to consistently deliver exceptional professional services with best-in-class IT solutions


  • Data Integration
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Deep Learning/Machine Learning
  • Data Science/Artificial Intelligence/IoT
  • AI-enabled COP
  • Data Cleansing/ Data Generation Algorithms
  • Cybersecurity for IoT


  • Agile Development
  • DevSecOps
  • Software Defined Everything
  • Apps Modernization/Migration
  • MicroservicesAI/Cognitive Discovery
  • AI Apps/Solutions
  • Blockchain Applications


  • Network Ops/SOC/NOC
  • Visualization & Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Zero Trust Network Model
  • Secure Internal Wireless
  • Infrastructure as Code

Technica Labs

Technica provides lab facilities in conjunction with industry partners at our Dulles, Virginia corporate headquarters. Our in-house lab enables engineering staff to dynamically build out capabilities and solutions for government customers including proof of concept (POC) demonstration, penetration testing, feasibility determination, cross-platform integration and solution validation.

The equipment racks in the lab are configured on separate IP subnets and divided into three focus areas:

Wisdom of AI and Machine Learning Owl
  • Internal Technica Research and Development (R&D) Activities
  • Research on Ongoing Customer Projects
  • Hands-on Technica Engineer Certification & Cross-Training

The Lab is a climate-controlled data center with restricted physical access controlled by a badging system to ensure a secure environment.

Lab Clients

  • Enterprise and Systems Integrators
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Startups, Entrepreneurs, & Government Agencies

Lab Services

  • Pre-deployment & Equipment Staging
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Change Management Planning
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration
  • Custom Solution Development

Lab Focus Areas

  • Automation & Orchestration
  • AI & Machine Learning on Resource Constrained Devices
  • Security Architecture
  • Data Analytics
  • Virtualization

Mission Solutions


Problem to solve: AI to the tactical Edge, including the ability to mitigate D-DIL communications.

Technica Solution: SmartFog is a software-based, hardware agnostic, IoT reference architecture. SmartFog marries Fog Computing with DevOPs tools to create, deploy and run SmartFog Microservices. SmartFog’s design paradigm operates similarly to the deployment of apps to smartphones. SmartFog allows you to automatically manage  SmartFog Microservices - from the Cloud to the Edge.

Use SmartFog to:

  • Operate effectively on the tactical Edge, in areas of disadvantaged communications
  • Deliver AI to the Edge, without an “always on connection” to the cloud
  • Decrease latency of computing and analytics to the Edge
  • Enhance data security and privacy

Anomaly Detection & Federated Learning

Technica Corporation has developed a SmartFog Microservices Catalog for AI. Technica’s AI algorithms, based on machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), learn from big data to make real-time and time-sensitive decisions. Compute within the Fog Nodes allows data processing required for AI to be performed closer to the Edge, without encountering the latency of the cloud or for use cases in which cloud connectivity is intermittent to non-existent.

With the Anomaly Detection Microservice, Technica utilized GPU acceleration to develop and train artificial neural networks (ANNs) to recognize outliers that do not conform to an expected behavior. In other words, anomaly detection helps to discover “rare” events, especially those that should not have happened. The Anomaly Detection Microservice can be trained to spot anomalies in network traffic, radio signals, IoT sensor data, etc.

Additionally, Technica has advanced a model for the training of DL algorithms that reduce the need for network bandwidth—Federated Learning. With Federated Learning, a single merged DL model can be utilized without all the Fog Nodes and IoT devices requiring visibility into all the data. Additionally, this means that DL algorithms can operate in areas of disadvantaged communications. In other words, you do not need access to the cloud to leverage DL algorithms.

soldier on laptop

The current SmartFog Microservices catalog includes:

AI Analytic Microservices

  • Deep Learning algorithms with configurable Federated Learning
  • Fall Detection - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  • Image Classification - CNN
  • Time-series Analysis - Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  • Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)
  • Anomaly Detection – Autoencoder
  • Blind Modulation Classification (BMC)
  • Beginning work with Generative Adversarial Network (GANs) and Reinforcement Learning
  • Genetic algorithms to tune hyperparameters (currently applied to time-series analysis but can be extended)

System-Level Microservices

  • Complex Event Processing (CEP), e.g., raise an alarm when an anomaly is detected
  • MQTT Message Broker, allowing IoT devices to listen for specific messages
  • Machine learning database, e.g., perform time-series analysis
  • Data Transformer; e.g., binary data transformed to JSON

As use cases expand, Technica will prototype other microservices that benefit from the Fog Computing architecture and SmartFog platform.

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

Problem to Solve: easily ingest disparate data from multiple sources into data lake that allows for configurable IT dashboards.

Technica Solution: Technica corporation’s next-generation IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) platform integrates three vectors for effective IT operations:

  • Data-to-Data
  • People-to-Data
  • People-to-People

The ITOA platform ingests data from any data source, persists the data in a data lake, and provides analytics and configurable visualizations, along with dynamic, real-time collaboration capabilities. The core capabilities function harmoniously to provide a system that is secure, robust, and reliable—with multiple levels of access controls. additionally, the ITOA platform enables agile development and fielding of modular capabilities. The platform’s architecture enables IT operations to become a strategic advantage, providing an integrated, near real-time Common Operational Picture (COP) of the IT landscape necessary for advanced collaborative data-informed decision making. With zero-programming, IT operators quickly create User-Defined Operating Pictures (UDOPs) that can be shared, allowing advanced collaboration and optimized decision actions through rich and dynamic messaging capabilities. advanced role-based or attribute-based security architectures ensure that only the right people get access to authorized information.

Next-generation ITOA is the practice of using data science principles, techniques, and algorithms on data collected from underlying IT infrastructure, widening the lens through which to view available data. This provides actionable insight into data for operational intelligence that enables more effective decision-making and better service assurance. a sampling of the use cases that ITOA can be utilized for includes: anomaly detection, pattern discovery, correlation, and root cause analysis.

Solution Architecture

A robust data pipeline manages the integration of the modular components for data acquisition, fusion, inspection, analysis, and visualization from distinctive and federated sources. The solution enables at-a-glance visibility of database, document, file, map, website, image, video, geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), and real-time data to support mission operations.

man looking at dashboard of data

Solution Benefits

  • Based on proven commercial technologies
  • Component-based distributed architecture
  • Resilient, low latency data acquisition & integration infrastructure
  • Advanced search and analysis engine
  • Cloud-enabled technologies and concepts baked-in
  • Multi-layer security with robust access controls
  • Trusted by Enterprises and DoD

“Tools-Driven” Approach vs. “Data Informed” Paradigm

Technica’s next-generation ITOA platform removes tool-driven data silos and creates a unified data approach to provide overall service visibility in support of effective IT operations. next-generation ITOA enables enterprises to become data-informed – fusing human insight about the mission with unified data. The data-informed paradigm enables the enterprise to move away from islands of inoperable data and to gain visibility into aggregated and integrated data from all the tools, making the data accessible, useful, and valuable to operators and business managers. Data generated by all the tools, devices, and sensors flow into a data lake where it can be viewed, interrogated, analyzed, and correlated in totality for actionable insight.

Zero Trust

Executive Summary: Technica Corporation is collaborating with its technol-ogy partner ALTR to offer the only fully commercialized solution that utilizes Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to provide an unparalleled level of security, monitoring, visibility, and response capability against malicious user activity on all major database technologies. This U.S.-developed, U.S.-patented technology emerged from a vision that the security and immutability aspects of DLT or blockchain technology could be adapted to enhance data confidentiality and integrity in ways never seen before and with a promise of ending damaging and expensive database hacks. This breakthrough security solution will detect and stop a future Snowden-type data theft in its tracks.

Technica Solution: The core of the solution is a private and permissioned blockchain that is based on the same technology employed in cryptocurrency networks but adapted and optimized to provide even higher levels of security assurance and dramatically-improved processing and response times compared to crypto-currency or other blockchain networks. The technology is deployed and proven in fully commercialized product deployments and addresses the problem of database security across all major database technologies (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Maria databases). The technology deployable on-premise or in the Cloud.

The Technica/ALTR solution achieves its mission of immutable database security via three channels:

  • Monitor: Provides real-time Visibility and Awareness for all views, additions, and edits to a protected data cell.
  • Govern: Provides Real-Time Control. A data “Valve” that governs who can access what data, when, from where, and how much, with capabilities for real-time alerts.
  • Protect: A unique security enhancement of the solution features Encrypted Data Dispersal, which provides a keyless vault that physically scatters theprotected data across multiple private blockchains; creating useless hash values for bad actors or unauthorized users but fully operational information for the business.
Zero trust digital chain

Typical Use Case:

  • The Technica/ALTR solution works by applying a light-weight driver on top of the database application and does not affect or interfere with the internal functioning of the database application in any way.
  • It enables database owners/administrators to apply and enforce security at the column level of database table for sensitive or high value data fields.
  • Data from protected fields is strongly encrypted, scattered and encoded on several blockchains
    (typically 3). Hashed values are inserted into the protected data fields.
  • Least privilege-based granular permissions enable authorized users to view (retrieve/reassemble/decrypt) values from the scattered blockchain.
  • Each view or edit transaction made by users through the database driver users is itself logged to the distributed ledgers/blockchains ensuring complete auditability and accountability.
  • Users attempting to view the protected fields by directly accessing the tables see only the incomprehensible hashed values, eliminating the risk of data theft.
  • The solution monitors and tracks all accesses to the database, recording who, what, when, and how much on every protected database and reports to any reporting tool.