Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID).

Contract Number:  W52P1J-22-G-0049


The JAIC DRAID is a five-year BOA that will enable the DoD to utilize its data resources for use with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will help provide an easily accessible path to access cutting-edge services needed to meet the complex technical challenges involved in preparing data for AI. Examples of tasks include but are not limited to Extract Transform Load (ETL) and Data Engineering Development, Database Design and Development, Data Science Development, and Data Analysis.

Tasks outlined in the Performance Work Statement (PWS).

  • Task 1: Project Management and Documentation
  • Task 2: Software Configuration
  • Task 3: Cloud Integration
  • Task 4: Department of Defense AI Ethical Principles
  • Task 5: Data Ingestion, Integration, Architecture, and ETL
  • Task 6: Data Accessibility and APIs
  • Task 7: Enterprise Information and Metadata Management
  • Task 8: Data Quality, Feature Engineering, and NLP
  • Task 9: Synthetic Data
  • Task 10: Data Anonymization
  • Task 11: Data Labelling
  • Task 12: AI Security
  • Task 13: Data Science and AI Outreach and Innovative Development Mechanisms

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Tabitha Fletcher
Contracts Manager