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Federal agencies have long focused on a defensive mindset when it comes to cybersecurity, reacting to malicious behavior once it has made itself known. Proactive cybersecurity solutions change this paradigm, allowing agencies to actively look for hidden threats before they cause damage. GraphHunt, Technica’s enhanced threat hunting solution, provides an opportunity to increase cyber capabilities. It will aggressively monitor network traffic to detect malicious packets, creating a more assertive cybersecurity posture. The solution offers an end-to-end system that helps users classify network traffic as malicious or benign by collecting data through an application programming interface (API) known as PCAP.

GraphHunt uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to train on patterns over time to improve outcomes. Our GraphHunt solution was used in the MISI DreamPort’s Rossum’s Universal Robots challenge, where Technica took first place.

This innovative solution will provide our customers with an effective way to discover threats sooner and with more reliability. And with cyber threats increasing daily, being able to stay ahead of cybercriminals, reduce the rate of false positives, increase the number of threats detected and reduce the time analysts have to review data are benefits our customers need today!

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Graphhunt Paper

To learn more about how Technica’s GraphHunt works read our solution brief here.

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