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Cyber attacks continue to dominate the headlines, with attacks coming from seemingly every angle. These threats endanger our national security, the identities of nearly every American citizen, and the operation of our critical infrastructure.

Despite our best efforts to protect these valuable resources, there is no silver bullet for cybersecurity.

A strong cybersecurity architecture requires complementary pieces that create a layered approach to protect networks and data. As a leader in cybersecurity solutions, we have engineered a new approach to enterprise security with Technica’s Defensive Cyber Integration Services – a modular mindset that allows customers to adapt their cyberinfrastructure to specific needs.

With Technica’s Defensive Cyber Integration Services, government agencies can select the security tools they need and Technica integrates them into a single pane of glass. Customers can add and remove functionality by installing cyber tools, easily configuring them based on unique mission requirements. This process eliminates the walls of traditional application architecture, allowing for varying functionality combinations in a single, seamless environment and easy-to-use dashboard.

Technica offers an eight-step methodology to help organizations identify, integrate, leverage, and evolve their cybersecurity needs. Technica’s Defensive Cyber Integration Services provides a direct way to ensure that organizations have the right cyber capabilities for their needs both now and in the future.

The critical cyber capabilities and solutions needed today and in the future are researched and innovated by our senior scientists and engineers, in our advanced Cyber Innovation Lab. Our team is solving complex cyber problems every day in applied data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning optimization and edge computing.

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Defensive Cyber Integration Services

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