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Bridging the Gap with Explainable AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, enabling it to achieve unprecedented levels of performance across various…

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army soldier on laptop

SmartFog for Cybersecurity: AI to the Tactical Edge

SmartFog is a software-based, hardware-agnostic, capability that builds upon multiple core technologies. When employed for Cybersecurity, SmartFog leverages the convergence…

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man on phone with data charts floating around

What is Graph Analytics? And When Do You Use It?

The massive parallelism of GPUs allows significantly faster data processing and analysis without having to purchase expensive hardware and software…

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data over time

Time Series Analysis (TSA) and Deep Learning

Time series data records quantities that represent or trace the values taken by, a variable over a period such as…

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iot sphere over a city

IoT Analytics in the Enterprise with FUNL

It is difficult to verify Cisco’s prediction of 50 billion connected devices by 2020 or Gartner’s guess of $1.9 trillion…

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data connection in server room

GPU Accelerated Computing

The performance experienced in GPU accelerated applications is often by orders of magnitude—10 to 100 times faster than CPU-only computing.…

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security lock

Deep Learning for Cybersecurity

This paper introduces deep learning and then looks to anticipated use cases that fit within a sweet-spot for Technica: cybersecurity.…

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