Technica Corporation won first place in the MISI DreamPort’s Rossum’s Universal Robots challenge. In this challenge, Technica applied innovative technology to create a classifier to identify malicious PCAP (Packet Capture) data and map it to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

This MISI challenge focused on the scale-model city DreamValley which is operated by multiple programmable logic controllers (PLC). Teams were challenged to create a machine learning model, trained with data gleaned from a prior DreamValley attack exercise that could determine where malicious attacks on DreamValley’s infrastructure are being launched.

During the preparation for this challenge, the Technica team was particularly proud of classifying a Modbus-based attack and a cobot exploit which were particularly difficult to detect.

Technica applied an end-to-end system employing a composite set of machine learning models that implement a raw application programming interface for capturing network traffic files and outputs a series of classification labels corresponding to the nature of the flows contained in these files. The output only reveals the activity identified in malicious flows or the flows from which a network attack has been identified. These attacks are then automatically mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

“MISI offered us a unique opportunity to test our engineering skills in a near real-world environment,” said Miguel Collado, Technica CEO. “Innovation has been a part of Technica’s fabric and corporate culture. We continue to push the boundaries of cybersecurity to invent creative and adaptable solutions that drive exceptional value to our clients.”

Based in our Dulles, Va., corporate headquarters, the Technica Innovation Lab enables engineering staff to build out capabilities and solutions dynamically. This includes proof of concept demonstration, penetration testing, feasibility determination, cross-platform integration, and solution validation, among other focus areas.

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