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Redefining networks in the age of on-demand. Best-of-breed, open options and a consultative approach. It’s a powerful combination. And it’s transforming networks. We’re powering connections between people, content, places, and things—from down the street to around the world.


  • Converged Packet Optical (Waveserver Family, 6500 Family, 5400 Family, Z-series)
  • Routing and Switching (3000 Family, 5000 Family, 6500 Packet Transport System (PTS), 8180 Coherent Networking Platform, 8700 Packetwave Platform)
  • Domain Control and Management Software (Service-Aware Operating System, Manage, Control and Plan, PlannerPlus, Emulation Cloud, Intelligent Control Plane), Intelligent Automation


  • Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption Solutions
    Global data protection regulations, including the GDPR in Europe, set out strict guidelines for data usage, storage, and transport. To help you streamline compliance, and minimize the risk of data breaches look to the FIPS and BSI certified Ciena’s WaveLogic™ Encryption solutions to protect all of your critical in-flight data 24/7. Building network security on third-party certified solutions is key—anytime and anywhere. Certified encryption solutions ensure that all the relevant security features are well-defined and auditable, helping to reassure customers and regulators that data is protected, end to end. Wavelogic Encryption is the first optical encryption solution in the industry to achieve full BSI certification, alongside Ciena’s existing Common Criteria and FIPS certifications. Wavelogic Encryption. Always on and where you need it.

Compliance Solutions

  • 6500 Packet Optical Platform
  • 6500 Packet OTS
  • Packet Networking Portfolio
  • Packetwave and Aggregation Platform
  • 6500 Undersea Optical Transport System


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